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Graphogen Assembly Compound – 50g Tube

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Graphogen Assembly Compound has most definitely ‘Stood the test of time’!  The compound was developed at the very end of the Second World War and was used widely in the assembly and bedding in of many aircraft engines.

Car manufacturers, who immediately recognised the advantages, were soon to follow.  Rolls Royce, Saab Aerospace, Perkins and Lotus have all embraced the benefits.

Graphogen Assembly Compound is a colloidal graphite paste in oil and gives protection and peace of mind when running in all types of precision built machinery. As well as containing the components of ordinary inhibitors, contains a strong concentration of colloidal graphite. It, therefore, forms a film on all treated engine parts, with improved lubricating, protecting and inhibiting properties. Due to the high content of graphite in the compound, the paste is black in colour and, as such, will not run off any parts it is applied to.  The very low co-efficient of friction far outweighs the appearance.

Graphogen can be used on all working surfaces of an engine during assembly, thereby giving the full benefit of the colloidal graphite to the engine parts right from the start. All internal surfaces of moving parts – especially cylinder walls, pistons, bearings, crankshafts, valve stems, camshafts etc. can be coated with a liberal layer.

The treated engine can be stored for a long time and will have, on starting and from the very first revolution, the full protection of the colloidal graphite film against any deficiency in lubrication.  Without Graphogen and a lack of lubrication, there could be damage to the engine until full oil pressure is achieved.  Once the engine is up to temperature, the Graphogen simply dissolves in to the engine oil.




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